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YOU ARE A FINANCIAL GENIUS AND DON’T KNOW IT! “Listen to me, I know what I’m talking about!”  You don’t know this yet but you are financially brilliant. Your inner self, self-conscience, common sense and self defense mechanisms, in you… right now are the greatest power you have. The ability to decide on something right is built in you and … Read More

If I could Turn Back time! (Cher) but We can!!!

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If I Could Turn Back time… Cher Turn back the clock and give me 6%- 10% on my money,  like it used to be… NOW! Cher sang it… but we, can do it!    Is it possible???… Yesssss! It is!   Don’t get lost in the common arena of weak offers. Offers of low gain. And be a drop in the … Read More

Financial CAT Scan…Huh?

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We’ve done our financial CAT Scan….see through the myriad of junk out there, the Wall Street lures of potential super gains on your money and… the super losses too! See through the complex confusion of products, see through the blur of crazy concepts, and stay with the safe and solid plans that America was built on… the never ending pension… … Read More

Amazed I Am, Truly Amazed! Want to know why?

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Amazed, I am … (Yoda)  at how many people seek out financial advise from friends and relatives or co-workers who have no training or licensing, or formal education in the Financial industry.. I am amazed on the crazy statements that people make about their finances based on this information… I am amazed.  Statements like , “He Joe , I had a … Read More

Wall Steet called, they need some more of your money, Oh! no guarantee of return… Again

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When you invest in a stock you really are lending all you money to a company, with only hopes that they will give it back with interest…only hopes..and a thousand situations that can affect your money… like everything from politics to bad management and weather in some cases.  Your money is always at risk.    Never, never,  risk money you … Read More

How to Double your Money Safely, without the Wall Street Casino Risk. Listen to the U.S. Treasury Department…

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Americans should convert at least half of their retirement savings into an Annuity. “US Treasury Dept. Double your cash….Yes, there are products that can do this and people are taking advantage of them daily. Turn your  (doing nothing) cash, into a solid nest egg for your future. If you retirement money is in a potential Risk account, get it out of … Read More

Is that guy Lucky! Or What?

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Boy! that guy is so Lucky! He thought to himself, as he viewed a couple in retirement, on their boat, comfortable, and enjoying life as it should be. You see this guy is lucky, because he planned early with what he had saved, and used Insurance company money to enhance his retirement. He has a Smart Agent.  An Agent that … Read More

The $28,500, 14 Lb Fish.

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I know a man who loves fishing, he loves to bass fish with his buddies. So, he finally decided to do this for himself.  He shopped for a beautiful bass boat, all the gear, poles, down riggers, depth finders, everything. Total cost, $28,500.. whew. But soon after, he caught his record bass, and could not be happier.  Mounted it, starred … Read More

14% Interest, are you Nutzzzz? Where are you gonna get that?

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Hmmmm, I can….. Sure, for what!  A month, and from your Uncle? No, years…Like ten of them… Show Me! Ah, yes, the doubters, the guys who never really examined any further than, the tip of his nose..yes we can do that.  How? You say…By having access to dozens and dozens of Insurance companies that have special offers you don’t see, … Read More