“Listen to me, I know what I’m talking about!” 

You don’t know this yet but you are financially brilliant. Your inner self, self-conscience, common sense and self defense mechanisms, in you… right now are the greatest power you have. The ability to decide on something right is built in you and it is a marvelous power that you have.  You have been brainwashed by the world as a youngster to diminish those given powers.  Call those powers up again. They are asleep, wondering around in the back dusty corners of your mind. Let me explain…You unconsciously absorbed words that influence you to think small. You learned to listen to people that tell you things like what I am about to say, and those people are strangers. The media, Bosses, the Banks, the Stock Market guru’s, the books and magazines, the newspapers, the TV and the Internet.

You have been told that your money should earn you more money, but only in their arena.  You were told that your money must work very hard to obtain a mere pittance. And you must live in the world of 1% and 2% interest gains.  In the current market, the banks are doing great.  They borrow money from the Federal Government and lend it to you.  They borrow for a few points of interest and lend it to you for more.  Then investigate you deeply to see if they want to chance lending it to you.

The government should investigate the banks better and maybe they would not have to bail them out. They take little risk and when they screw up and they do… they get bailed out by the same government that loaned them the money in the first place. And when the government needs that money back and doesn’t get it they get it from us, the public, somehow some way in some form.  It’s like punishment to the public workers.  Small interest growth from the banks, and/or dangerous risk from the market, and all because you have no place to turn.  And you don’t know any better you just go along with it. We all do….

But you now have the power of the internet and you can learn things. You can get out of your closed-minded thinking and learn things…Yes… yes, education is great. But the internal battle of your decades of conditioning, is very hard to beat. You must trust everyone on the internet to learn, or think you’re learning. That could be dangerous.


You managed to save some money and are thinking how the heck am I going to turn this into a substantial amount of savings with 2% or less interest. If I want a point or two more I must lock it up in a Certificate of Deposit for a long time and get a 1099 for the interest every year, which cuts my interest back again.  This just does not make sense. But you think it’s right because you have no other knowledge of what may be out there and your inner self says (the conditioning) it the only way to go. Remember the expression “you can take that to the bank”? yes there are many bank expressions, because in time past, the bank was the only secure place, as you were told. Well there is better out there, there is much better out there. Companies that have been here a long time, big, and strong, and successful, and they will pay you more interest with no risk, for your money. And give you access annually to it if you wish, and give you 8% to 14% interest, and give you NO 1099 annually. No taxation until you take it out…

SO, let it ride, if you wish…Now that makes sense and that is building a retirement, safely and powerfully. It’s a new kind of Annuity.  Annuities have been around since ancient Rome, but they have change much in the last decade or so, to assist the world with savings.  The rich get richer on plans like this, they learned or had a great Agent and found out how to double their money and even more by placing it in a powerful account with options that will present a wonderful retirement.

Banks offer nothing, the Stock Market offers Risk. You can lose it all.  Why take your life savings to Las Vegas the Wall street Casino will take it and maybe, might return some?  Maybe, and its’ slim, maybe you get lucky and make some money.  But see its about getting lucky, now get smart and place it safely.

There are many types of annuities some of the past annuities were sold based on the Stock market and those poor people lost. Many lost it all in 2008-9.  Imagine taking a couple of decades to save money and lose it in a couple of weeks or less. But they wanted the great promised interest from wall street accounts. Many years ago, I used to work there, I know… Never, never put your money at risk, because just when you need it the most, the world will change, and you lose.  Political unrest in another country, a Bank that goes sour, remember the savings and loans, caput! Anything that effects the emotional yoyo’s of Wall street and you could lose it all. No Sir, that is not right. But our thinking is to continue to do the same due to that conditioning, Banks good, Investing good…all wrong. Banks are a necessary evil due to transfer of money. But the greatest return can be received through a strong safe annuity paying high interest or bonuses.


Did you know that no insurance company had to be bailed out in 2008-9 but every bank did?  One insurance company had an investment portfolio that needed help from the government, but not their annuity division. And the company paid it back in less than two years with interest.  The finest managed companies in the world are insurance companies. Annuities pay the highest return of any safe product in the world.

We believe that there are more bad market experiences on the way. Find a safe port in the crazy storm of risk, and place you hard earned money there.  It will grow safely.  The Annuities we promote have a zero tolerance for loss.  If the market goes down your account does not lose, if the market goes up you get a nice piece of the action, and all without being attached to the market itself. Then when time comes you convert it to a lifetime of income you cannot outlive. You’ll get paid forever.  This is a way of creating your own pension.

Rely on yourself and not the conditioned thoughts planted in your brain. Only insurance companies sell annuities, why?  because safety is a must. And they know how to protect money. They balance risk tolerance, transfer of risk actuarial scales are measured daily, their checks and balances keep them ahead of the curve, and many other areas of safe locking of your (My) money.

If you rely on banks you won’t even keep up with inflation, if you rely on the market you could be saying “Welcome to Walmart” in your 70’s… No offense Walmart…but retirement is supposed to be better than that. Spoke to an elderly gentleman, just doing that, and he said he lost it all in 2002 and more in 2008, that is why he had to work at 69 years old…just to eat… What?  Why did he stay in the market after that… Dunno! It must be the conditioning or greed factor that says, it won’t happen to you and you’ll get rich in the market…Whew!

I do want you to understand the Stock market has its place but only with monies you can afford to lose if it goes south… and it does often. So, my great American Friend. Dump the years of negative conditioning, think bigger, better and safer.  We are your gateway to security, we are your educator, and your portal, to financial freedom without risk. We hate selling, but we love to teach, we know that our clients once educated properly, and inspired by safety, will act intelligently. Check us out and learn how you can preserve your assets and save the heartache and misery of loss…  You’re a genius and you will learn that you are, your smarter than you think, and boy do we know the answers that will give you the pride of ownership, of a powerful tool in your retirement tool kit.  Safety first, guarantees first, and Zero risk tolerance first…. Then (if you want to try risk) go play in the stock market, with money you can afford to lose.  Ben Franklin said… “An investment in knowledge, pays the best interest”.  Contact us to learn and…Oh!  Stay away from the Bank…They take, but do not give….

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Frank Maranzino Sr. FICF, CSA, MGA


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