Yes my Friends, the Storm is coming.

The financial storm that is…The analysts and the experts (most of whom just guess) are saying that another serious 2008 situation is coming… and the other experts in the real functioning world.  Those who see the industry situations from the inside, agree with them.  Well, you better secure your money and eliminate the risk. Why do it again, why lose… Losing is terrible, and dumb, if it can be avoided….

Did you know the three stages of your lifeline of money…Let me explain!

When you are young in the first trimester of your life you are in the Accumulation stage…this stage, is the growth of your Assets.  Buying a house (or houses), saving cash, building your Pension plan, just growing (Accumulating) your total Assets…   At this stage if you lose money, there is time to recuperate it, you’re still young.  You may lose the buying power of that money, but you can, earn it back again, over time. Before you lose that time.

Then next, (Second Trimester) you are at the Conservation stage, this stage says NO MORE RISK PLEASE, stop the risk you must continue to save smartly, you cannot lose any money, you can’t afford to lose. Move your heard earned money into safe ports, into growth, with no loss plans. You have got to be safe here.  because the next stage coming into your life after this stage, is the Distribution stage, (Third Trimester) and your money must be there to support you, forever. This is the last Trimester, you could live another 25 years easily, so having absolutely what you need is essential. Remember… 1. Grow, 2. Secure, 3. Distribute…that is your whole life.  It is the Dash on your tombstone. Your whole life, in between dates….  Manage it well,. Manage it smart   It is as simple as this…..

Accumulation Stage                    Conservation Stage                  Distribution Stage

Usually until you are                     Usually from 45-ish to             This is retirement.

About 40-45 years old.                  65 years old.                             Generally, from 65 up


So, Why call Noah?   There is another Wall Street decline coming soon, probably in the next few years, maybe sooner… Put your money where it cannot lose, and just gain.  There are products that do this. There are products that give you substantial interest, with no possibility of losing.   When Wall street goes down, you don’t lose, when Wall Street goes up, you Gain…. Beautiful products that do this.  We have them, they are waiting for you, until the government messes with these also.   Grandfather yourself in. Be smart do not lose anything of what you earned.  Just gain and never stop.  When it comes to the retirement stage (Distribution) you will love it. Hopefully you will understand this concept. It is not a new concept, it is just kept from the public because they want you to invest in RISK, not conserve, and they get paid if you lose and if you gain.  But the RISK is all yours. Be smart take a few minutes and learn how to preserve your future, only you can do that, but with the right knowledge. Avoid losing, especially if you need the cash in the future…Only lose what won’t affect your lifestyle, only lose what you would bring to Las Vegas…That’s it…My Friends… Don’t let Wall Street contaminate your brain with the greed factor.  They always win…Like the attorney that gets paid whether you win or lose the case… So, does the Brokers of wall street… Invest wisely first, then gamble with money you could possible lose but won’t affect your future lifestyle.…

Contact us, and save years of heartache, and despair in your future.   The Guessing Gurus of Wall Street are not your answer, we are. The (right) Annuity world is, and it has always been here.

This is how the rich got richer. They learned how. They use sensational, spectacular plans, with remarkable safety and growth.  Safety, security, and growth, is the only way to go. How to Eliminate Financial Stress, education, is available now, and its is FREE….I have over 600 Trained, experienced  Professionals available for you across the country. Just listen to a Licensed educated, Professional, and they will give you the Power and dignity you need in the retirement years. We love, and have been, teaching people for Decades how to be safe and smart. Become part of our Family.  So, Call Noah, because it’s coming again. But you’ll be on the Ark, the Ark of Financial Safety. Probably next to the wise old Owl.  Hoo you gonna call?

Your Friends at CEO

Where we make you… The CEO of your retirement.

Keep the Edge

Frank Maranzino Sr, FICF, CSA, MGA

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