Wall Steet called, they need some more of your money, Oh! no guarantee of return… Again

When you invest in a stock you really are lending all you money to a company, with only hopes that they will give it back with interest…only hopes..and a thousand situations that can affect your money… like everything from politics to bad management and weather in some cases.  Your money is always at risk.    Never, never,  risk money you will need to live on in the future.  That’s just plain dumb.  Yet, it is done every day in the Wall Street Casino.  Here, here take my hard earned money and maybe someday you will give me some profit, if not and you lose it, I will wait another several years for you to regain some of it…WHAT!  What kind of  financial logic is that… It the Greed factor that is playing on you… We all have it and it is a natural emotion, it is OK, but not, with money you absolutely need in the future…Wall Street Investing, is only for money that you can loose, and not negatively affect your lifestyle. When  you give your money to an insurance company with guarantees, and bonuses,  great historical ratings and that will not decline, you are assured of interest and principle…and safe lifetime of monthly distribution, that you cannot outlive…then that is, a properly placed Annuity…

You insure your home, auto, life and assets, why not insure your retirement…..it’s the asset that’s is needed more than the others, because if you don’t…. you will have to divest all the other assets to live,,,, think and grow secure…my Friends think…Risk …is only for the people that have money to lose… America was built on investing, but the prior generations were also very security conscious and saved it under the mattress…But there are much better places… We have them with 8-14% annual increase with guarantees, for your retirement. Be Smart learn about these…  Smart money is safe money, and safe money is your food, shelter and income for life….

Your Friends at CEO

Where we make you the CEO of your future income, safe and sound.

Frank Maranzino Sr. FICF,CSA,MGA

Old Babylonian saying…Gold flees the person who tries to force it into impossible earnings.

Old Babylonian  saying…Youth often assumes, incorrectly, that the old and wise only have wisdom about days gone by.  Seek experience and wisdom before you invest.

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