Financial CAT Scan…Huh?

We’ve done our financial CAT Scan….see through the myriad of junk out there, the Wall Street lures of potential super gains on your money and… the super losses too! See through the complex confusion of products, see through the blur of crazy concepts, and stay with the safe and solid plans that America was built on… the never ending pension… we’ve got them, they’ve been here for decades, safe and sound, and still going strong with new options that have no risk… high interest (10%) and more…and it takes a minute to find out your eligibility.  CAT scan… Cover Assets Today…find out how this is done with safety, high growth, lifetime of income you cannot outlive and with strong companies…Have your CAT scan done today with us and you will also see through it all with new clear vision of how you money can grow safely for your future. Nobody has a crystal ball that foretells the future, so contractual affirmations are a must, Guarantees are a must, solid companies that have been doing this for decades are a must, clarity of what you are doing is a must,  Money is hard to come by you worked hard for it, so don’t put it to risk (Gambling is for losers) and the Banks offer nothing, matter of fact most of them had to be bailed out in the 2008 crash. Safe Insurance companies sat back and enjoyed their safe harbor. because they managed America’s money correctly. So, make clear you goals to us and we will make clear your future for you. Contol Assets Today…we only like gain for our clients… loss is not in our vocabulary…and it should be your philosophy also. 

Check it out, and a free analysis will be sent back to you before you even talk to a licensed Agent. We’ve got over 600 of them across the country…Safety First, especially with your savings…

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Making you the CEO of your retirement.

Frank Maranzino, FICF, CSA, MGA

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