Amazed I Am, Truly Amazed! Want to know why?

Amazed, I am … (Yoda)  at how many people seek out financial advise from friends and relatives or co-workers who have no training or licensing, or formal education in the Financial industry.. I am amazed on the crazy statements that people make about their finances based on this information… I am amazed.  Statements like , “He Joe , I had a friend who got burned on a product like that, so don’t mess with it”.  Basically they make you stop learning, and guessing from then on. Now you do nothing, and wait and wait… Then you realize you are losing money… You see if your are not gaining over the inflation rate  you are losing…so, your money must achieve the inflation rate first, then a gain over that for taxation of profits and then more for your future income. So… you need at least double  and then some for the inflation rate, just to keep up and not fall behind.  If you are not then…”Sleeping or dormant money this is”  You must not try… you must do! (Yoda)....

Information is cheap and easy to get… the lack of seeking it out with the right people is expensive… you may think education is expensive but, try ignorance. It’s really expensive…  it can cost you everything.,, Ask experienced professionals about how you can preserve your future income? How about an on line, personally designed safety plan, customized just for your situation, and, sent right back to you for your review, and all done complimentary.  Nothing this will cost (Yoda again?) All for a couple of minutes.  Tell us what you want to achieve, and we will look at a myriad of companies, to find the right one, and believe me we know them. Whether it be $25k or $3Million.  We can make it work…Sometimes it is smarter to break it up over a few solid company plans… We can only advise you, if you communicate with us..Happy, we are to serve you… Happy you will be, to learn and grow money. (Yoda??? not sure.) 

You may learn the potential your money has, you never knew about. Think and Get Smarter… whatever you do for a living you’re probably good at, this is what we do …decades of experience… teaching people how to secure their retirement safely with high growth and with income they will never outlive… Then go back to Uncle Lars, and tell him about your findings and your new security and high growth rates… You’ll be the Jedi from now on. call us…We prefer to Teach rather than  sell…Educated people make safe, and smarter decisions… Our goal is in your best interest, but, it takes a click…There are millions of people enjoying high growth rates, and preserving their assets for the future. Why not you also?  Want 10% annual growth, safely, with no loss….Click my Friend, Click….It’s the best way to learn. Set your sights on exiting savings potential, feel better about your future with intelligent, safe, growth oriented savings….oh yes, I did mention..No Risk, that’s for Las Vegas, Reno and that bar on Tatooine…

Satisfied you will be, Yoda…. ( Not sure if Yoda said that)

Your Friends at CEO

where you are in Control by Education and Options

Making your the CEO of your future…

Frank Maranzino Sr. FICF, CSA,MGA

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