Is that guy Lucky! Or What?

Boy! that guy is so Lucky!

He thought to himself, as he viewed a couple in retirement, on their boat, comfortable, and enjoying life as it should be. You see this guy is lucky, because he planned early with what he had saved, and used Insurance company money to enhance his retirement. He has a Smart Agent.  An Agent that carefully investigated the marketplace, and placed his clients hard earned money in a Strong Interest Bearing Annuity, with no Loss, Tax deferred growth, and a bonus program that doubled his cash plus…As a matter of fact, over time he obtained a few of these.

You see, Luck… is the thing that happens when preparations, meets opportunity.

Opportunity is around us all the time. If you truly take the time to search for answers they will come to you. Your savings, that are either, at risk, or doing nothing for you, can be greatly enhanced with the right plan. You can achieve 8, 10, 12, 14% interest, locked in annually! Most likely from plans that you have little knowledge of, and are not openly marketed. You must have a qualified Agent to do the investigating for you. You need a Personal Financial Shopper, (To coin a phrase). To shop for safe products, that are rewarding for your specific future needs. A shopper that is licensed, experienced, and trained and has the ability to examine dozens and dozens of companies, and find the right product for you.  An Agent just for you, who is not obligated to one company with one set of products.

Then you can get lucky. Because your preparation meets the opportunity, and you will gain, and gain again, over and over. Our Agents meet this kind of standard, and they can help you take your (doing nothing nest egg) and make it work, quickly, safely and efficiently.

Because when you need it the most, it absolutely, positively, has to be there, with no risk of loss , and with tax advantaged growth…get lucky and let us show you the easier way to compound your cash. Over 600 Agents nationwide to serve you. Contact us now…

Your Best Interest is our Focus. But you must take the first action, you must click a mouse. Not a lot of work here, and then, we can answer your concerns, and give you the details of these Annuities. You’re gonna love it.

Your Friends at CEO
Where you become the CEO of your retirement, giving you Control, Education and Options,  for the most important decisions of your life.  Don’t make them alone…

Frank Maranzino Sr. FICF, CSA, MGA

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