How to Double your Money Safely, without the Wall Street Casino Risk. Listen to the U.S. Treasury Department…

Americans should convert at least half of their retirement savings into an Annuity. “US Treasury Dept.

Double your cash….Yes, there are products that can do this and people are taking advantage of them daily. Turn your  (doing nothing) cash, into a solid nest egg for your future. If you retirement money is in a potential Risk account, get it out of there!

Most retirement products become Annuities at one time or another, for your lifetime of distribution. Even the Lotto, for instance gives you a lifetime payment (an annuity) and most Pensions, the same. Annuities are the best way to distribute money because it will do it for your lifetime. Only Insurance companies market Annuities.
You cannot outlive your annuity distribution money.  Also, you have a few options on how you wish to receive your money, but only if you purchase the Annuity yourself. Annuities are good, they have been around since the times of ancient Rome, where annuities were created for soldiers,  and they have been modified over the centuries for contemporary use.

The Lotto is gambling, we do not advocate gambling, especially with what must be there for you. The stock market is gambling, the Bond market pays almost nothing, CD’s pay almost nothing and you receive a 1099 annually. Savings accounts are terrible also. This is why Annuities are so popular now more than ever. You do not take your mortgage payment and go to Las Vegas to gamble it, yet people assume that the stock market is going to save their retirement.   A GAMBLE?  Maybe? Maybe not… Since there are no guarantees, then that is a gamble, that is your risk… not a good idea with retirement savings. Over the recent past annuities have been changed to be better than ever, don’t miss out on learning why, and how. At the end of 2016 Annuities reached $55.9 billion in sales, nationally. Every day records are being set.  f you don’t know about these special Retirement Annuities, it might be prudent to get a brief education, that’s what we do.

Millions of people lost their retirement in the 2008 downfall, and in more in prior downfalls. the  last safe port in the risk storm, is an Annuity. But not an ordinary Annuity. One that offers powerful bonus’, and one that offers safety, growth, all with tax deferral, and then, gives you a tax advantage upon receipt of your money, over your lifetime. Wow! that is the way to go, that is safety!
Don’t listen to people that offer potential, with risk, it’s still potential., and it is still risk… You want guarantees. Risk is only OK, if you have money that can be lost without changing your savings, without affecting your budget, without harming your lifestyle.  A few hundred in Reno, that’s fun, you planned that, for fun… Your retirement in the ups and downs of the market place, whoa! too big a chance to take. Can you guarantee that the market will be the highest when your are about to retire? of course not. that is a gamble. Can you guarantee that when ever the market is bad, you don’t lose money, of course not, and …you can’t guarantee the income portion also.  So, why do this?  Investing can be OK, America was built on Investors, but only with money that can be lost if all goes south. Your nest egg is precious, and need to be enhanced and coddled not planted in an account that no one can guarantee and have it affected by anything, like political unrest in another country, or a strong stock decline based on any crazy occurrence in the country…I used to work on Wall St. I saw the sad results for many.  Do not Risk your future….enough said…

We can show you something different, something wonderful, something safe, something that compounds your savings from day one. A click, can start the learning process for you.. Listen to the Treasury department, and learn about safe Bonus offering Annuities.

Your Retirement safety is our specialty, Your best interest is our focus.

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Frank Maranzino Sr. FICF, CSA, MGA

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