The $28,500, 14 Lb Fish.

I know a man who loves fishing, he loves to bass fish with his buddies. So, he finally decided to do this for himself.  He shopped for a beautiful bass boat, all the gear, poles, down riggers, depth finders, everything. Total cost, $28,500.. whew. But soon after, he caught his record bass, and could not be happier.  Mounted it, starred at it for hours. He was looking at a very expensive fish…but that’s fine.  You see, he paid for all of this from his Life Insurance cash value account. No taxation, does not have to pay it back, If he chooses, and just asked for the money, zero questions asked. All just because he bought a permanent plan, from the right Agent who showed him the long term benefits.  Smart guy. 

These policies have been working like this for decades…you should check them out. By the way, that was a $2,038 dollar a pound Fish.

Go get yours, whatever it may be, on the cash values that accumulate from your premiums, plus interest, that are yours to have.

The people that have purchased substantial plans can utilize the cash values to assist their retirement, there is so much you can do with cash values. Ask our Agents.  Learn from them, because if you think Education is expensive, try ignorance!

Don’t stay in the dark about your protection plans. Call us…

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Frank Maranzino Sr.  FICF, CSA, MGA

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